Speech and Drama Programme:


1. Teach language structure and patterns through:

  • Chants
  • Rhymes
  • Stories
  • Choral and Drama scripts

2. Develop ability to adjust language skills through:

  • Phonetics
  • Drama
  • Improvisation
  • Group presentations

3. Encourage children to:

  • Tell stories
  • Recount experiences
  • Describe ideas, events and objects
  • Report information
  • Role play characters and situations

4. Develop and extend children’s use of vocabulary in different contexts

5. Through speech games and activities (Show-and-Tell), to give and receive:

  • Simple explanations
  • Information and instructions



Using the EXPLORE, EXPERIENCE & ENGAGE model, our experienced and qualified Speech and Drama Instructors will train pupils in Oral Communication and Drama skills.


The key programme objectives are:


  • Enable pupils to speak confidently with good articulation and enunciation.
  • Develop self and social awareness by allowing exploration and experimentation.
  • Provide opportunities for students’ creative and aesthetic development
  • Develop creative thinking and social skills, and the ability to work with others.
  • Impart the skills of speaking confidently, clearly and expressively.
  • Promote poise and confidence through challenging and fun-filled activities.
  • Explore the world of literature through drama activities.
  • Prepare pupils to recite / perform for an audience


Pupils will be taught to be confident communicators.  Ample opportunities will be given to develop the skills of listening, speaking and presenting.