Public Speaking (Holiday Programme)

6 Sessions


Primary , Secondary

Using the EXPLORE, EXPERIENCE & ENGAGE model, our experienced and qualified Speech Instructors will instruct and coach students in Oral Presentation skills.

Your students will learn to:

  • Develop understandability. Can you utilize appropriate verbal and nonverbal skills to enhance interest, meaning, and comprehension by your audience?
  • Articulate well. Learn how to speak clearly and elegantly.
  • Vocal presence. Develop a strong and well-modulated voice.
  • Relate. Use empathy to build rapport and understanding. Manage the audience and environment.
  • Be ready. Be prepared for any speaking occasion.
  • Stop the nerves. Combat “butterflies” and other signs of anxiety through proper breathing and relaxation.


Students will be taught to be confident communicators, and be able to speak loudly, clearly, and effectively with proper articulation, rhythm and pronunciation, using analytical and critical thinking. Knowledge and mastery of these skills foster self-confidence and bolster self-esteem, and ample opportunities will be given for these skills to be reinforced through individual and group presentations.


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Future Learning

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